Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The paddock podium of the Malaysia GP

The 4 in :
* Sebastian Vettel:
In both races the 2010 world champion won two victories each time without really being concerned in the race and each time starting from the pole. A perfect start to the season but his opponents have not said their last word !
* Jenson Button: after a half tint Australian GP , Jenson was able to redress the balance by taking 2nd place in Malaysia after a good start and a good strategy. Now it is up to 1 everywhere in his duel with teammate Lewis Hamilton.
* Nick Heidfeld:
acting like an opportunist with a car that holds the road Nick gives his team a second consecutive podium and showed that the Lotus-Renault GP has progress since last year. Certainly he was not able to get second place and took advantage of the mishap between Alonso and Hamilton but he was there at the right place at the right time and that's what counts.
. * Kamui Kobayashi:
the new Sauber is well born and Kamui is still in the points after making a solid race. Bonus for him, he wins a rank after the penalty of lewis hamilton.

The 3 out:
* Mercedes:
while the German team has won two points with the 9th place of Michael Schumacher, but it remains very poor for a team of this caliber. Let's hope they will arrive to back up the hill before the European season.
* Ferrari:
Although the pace of 150 O is much better in the race but it is necessary that the Scuderia is improving very fast in qualifying. New parts are expected for china and I really hope it will bear fruits before a marked improvement in Turkey. But if I put Ferrari in the out of this GP this is mostly for two boondoggles that there has been against two drivers in the pits. Indeed, for his first pit Massa lost 10s and for his last run Alonso has lost 3s ! without these seconds lost both Ferrari drivers would have reached the podium and would not have needed to take risks !
I know that the mistake is human, so I hope that the next GP this does not happen again !
* Mark Webber :
Mark Webber , during the last two GP , started from third on the grid and has spleened his starts. What follows is a race for him to move up the pack rather successful this time but only because of the clash between Alonso and Hamilton. One may wonder if Webber has the same equipment as his teammate but one thing is sure he will have to back his level if he does not qualify as a second driver for Red Bull.
The Unclassifiable:
* Alonso-Hamilton:
you can not really say they have made a good or a bad race but in any case what is certain is that they made the show and we were entertained by trying to surpass each other! Although it did not work as they wished and they end far enough from the podium that held out the arms but it will probably be for next time.

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