Friday, April 15, 2011

China GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

* Fernando Alonso, 12th and 14th:
"I lost valuable time due to a hydraulic problem, in both sessions, but above all in the first. Unfortunately, I failed to make any long runs in order to get an idea of the degradation of tires, but fortunately, Felipe managed to do with the two types of tires. We have at least a good basis from which to begin. Regarding the new aerodynamic components, it is early to say if top provide a real advantage. The engineers will now analyze the data carefully before drawing any definitive conclusion about whether or not we are moving in the right direction in terms of development. From what little I could see, there is no problem - or at least they are very light - in terms of warming up the hard tires, which could be an aid for us to raise our tire temperature in qualifying.
I do not expect much change from what we saw in Malaysia and Australia, McLaren and Red Bull are mostly faster than us and are the favorites. At present, we can not fight for victory, but that does not mean that we will not try."
* Felipe Massa, 6th and 6th: "As was the case during the first two races of the season, today we saw a Red Bull very fast. I'm reasonably happy with the handling of the car on the long runs, which gave us some interesting results. I hope I have better qualifications, but we know it will be very difficult, so that what we saw today, I think the situation could be similar in race that we saw in Malaysia.
Fernando has used new parts but it is too early to say whether they really represent progress: unfortunately, he had problems and he failed to do as much as expected. Soft tires seem much better than hard: not only because they provide more grip, which is normal, but also because the degradation is not as high as what we've seen before. Over the years, I think it becomes more and more enjoyable to come here in Shanghai at the beginning, everything was a bit chaotic but now the situation has improved .

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