Sunday, April 10, 2011

Malaysian GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso 5th :
"We were not quick enough in Australia, and we're not here either. At least not enough to fight for pole. From what we saw during those two races, he Two teams that did better than us during the winter. We must make clear progress in terms of performance and there is no secret. We must make some steps forward, we need be aggressive in our development to make up lost ground.
At the same time, we must remain calm and focused, and during this interval, bringing as many points as possible by exploiting all the opportunities that lie before us. The championship is very long and last year we saw how the situation can change from one race to another. So I feel that this fifth place is a positive result, because many things could happen tomorrow, especially if it rains.
Overnight and this morning after the third practice session, we improved the car setup, and I feel more comfortable than yesterday. I'm going from the clean side of the runway, which is not a bad thing. It is difficult to make predictions for the race. We saw yesterday that the degradation of the tires was very high. We can expect three or four stops. Sunday in Melbourne, our pace was similar to that of the McLaren and was able to fight with Webber, but in qualifying [Melbourne], McLaren was closer to us than it is here ."
Felipe Massa 7th :
"It was not easy in qualifying, especially trying to target the Top 4. We fought with the others but it is clear that, against the best, we're in a defensive race tomorrow. On a of view of strategy, if it is dry, we can expect three or four stops. If it rains, then anything can happen and we must be prepared for any eventuality. Today, the best result we could hope for was fifth. I have not been able to do so, partly because I did not do a perfect lap, but at least I will leave the clean side of the runway.
We know that we lack of downforce. We're working on. Only when we have made progress that we will be able to fight for top positions."

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