Friday, April 8, 2011

Malaysian GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

* Fernando Alonso :
"Given how things went today, it seems to be a tough weekend but we will do everything we can to get closer faster. Today, things do not go well past and we had trouble finding a good balance on the car, so tonight we will look at how we can improve.
On a track like this, with the weather so variable and degradation of tires being what it is, there will be many factors involved in the battle for the top places and just being the fastest is not enough . This morning we worked on aerodynamics to understand what had not worked as planned in Australia, but even if we were quick in Melbourne, there's always work to do. This is just the beginning of the season: we are not fast enough to fight for victory and pole position but this does not mean that we must throw ourselves into the void. No, instead we must redouble our efforts to quickly reduce the gap that separates us from those who have done a better job than us."
* Felipe Massa :
"It's logical that I expected and hoped to be faster, especially considering the two teams that are clearly ahead. We'll see what we can do here tonight and tomorrow to improve the car. There is not much grip and tire degradation is also very high and, as we have seen in the last part of the second meeting, when everyone was running with probably a lot of fuel on board, we were not the only ones with a problem.
If the race was on the dry, choose the right strategy would be very complicated. The soft tires work better, providing much more grip and they are much faster, although there is much more degradation. The drives appear slower and, at first glance seem a bit more durable, but they do not last much longer than soft. We must ensure we are ready for whatever happens this weekend. During the last two days We saw that at the start of qualifying and the race, it always rains. If this also happens during the next two days, anything canhappen."

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