Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fernando Alonso celebrates 10 years in Formula 1 !

Fernando Alonso last week celebrated its 10 year presence in Formula 1. On this occasion he answered some questions from Spanish newspaper Marca in which he stated to be very happy to have signed with Ferrari:
"I expected a team of legend and magic, and it was a pleasant surprise, even better than what I was waiting for . I'm in no hurry to leave. Here, I take pleasure in finishing second or even eighth or twenty-third,"
he is also back on the worst cars and also the best that had to drive during his career:
"The Renault in 2009 was the worst car i had to drive but managed to get a podium in Singapore. The cars of 2004 and 2005 were the most enjoyable. There was the war between Bridgestone and Michelin tires that allowed us to be a few seconds faster with 900 horses. Even with less aerodynamic than we had six years ago from today, we turned in 1:08 at Valencia, 1:14 cons now six seconds of difference. These cars are hard to beat."
Fernando has also revealed he almost signed with Prost GP early in his career:
"In addition to go with Minardi [in 2001], I also had an offer to go to Prost Then, maybe become a pilot essays Ferrari, or maybe not and I should return in F3000. There was no guarantee then that Renault gave me a better opportunity."
Finally when he was asked whether he planned to lead a team when deciding Formula 1, Fernando said: "Today I would say no, because what I want is to drive. But it will be difficult to leave F1 one day because I drove my entire life. I think I'd rather spend my weekends having fun in rather than a kart to another job"
Fernando also said he would rather help young drivers to integrate f1. But don't worry it's not for now !

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