Sunday, March 13, 2011

The FIA world council decisions

On March 8 the FIA ​​world council met and here are their decisions
- the Bahrain GP organizers have until May 1 to decide whether the GP will take place or not.
- Pirelli has the right to test new components during the Friday practices of the GPs ,and teams will be notified two weeks in advance and each driver will have 2 sets of new tires for testing.
- Regulation on the Safety Car was somewhat revised: now the drivers will join the SC with a speed reduced by 40% compared to the fastest lap on the track before the entry of the SC and the pit lane will always be open except if the SC needs to borrow the pit lane.
- FIA also announced the creation of a group called "circuit design" who will check if the circuits, old and new, have capacities for many overruns. And if this is not the case some circuits may have to change their track if necessary.

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