Monday, May 23, 2011

Barcelona GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"We tried many new things today and now we must extrapolate all this information and select the best pieces to put on the car for tomorrow. My first impression is positive: I think we made a step forward"
"It is always difficult to judge differences in the free practice because there are always differences between all the cars. I'm certainly not surprised that the Red Bulls are still in front of everyone: now they are and faster circuits like this or like that of Budapest suit them particularly well."
"Having said that, even if it's true that we might have trouble beating them in qualifying, perhaps we could be closer in the race, also in relation to McLaren, and put them under pressure. We still work to do on set:
Today, we had too many things to test and we did not have time to make too many changes. I think the chances of fighting for the podium are even more likely here than they were in Turkey."
"Tires? Pirelli has introduced a new type of tire hard and it is difficult to imagine that we can move in Q1 without having to resort to soft. One thing we've seen in winter testing and was confirmed today is that the degradation is quite significant and it is therefore expected to revive a race like we had in Istanbul at the number of pit stops."
Felipe Massa :
"It was not an easy day for me. I met a lot of problems to run my tires, especially with the hard, and I have not managed to achieve a good time. It is a pity because new plays that we made here have improved our performance, even if other teams are very strong. However, we still have a long delay on our main rivals. Now we must make the right decisions to prepare ourselves as best we can for qualifying and the race.
Regarding the tires, I'd rather not go into details. Let's say there's a lot of work to do in this area. When I took the track, I lost the rear and I ended in the gravel I've been very close to the barriers, but fortunately I did not hit. So I managed to regain the track .

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