Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monaco GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"In qualifying I was not such a good feeling with the car during free practice, and we need to know why exactly. Today, McLaren is very fast and I think that Hamilton was probably the favorite for the pole . I do not think the outcome of Q3 represents the true hierarchy because the red flag has disrupted the plans of many drivers. For Hamilton, it went wrong, while everything went well for Red Bull. In we are concerned, we were between the two: we should have done two stints of two timed laps without refueling and therefore we did not get the best tires. I think that will be almost impossible to overcome tomorrow, despite the KERS The adjustable rear spoiler and everything else. The start will be very important and our race pace is good. So I hope I can win seats, taking also advantage of some unexpected situations and our strategy.
I expect that some drivers try two stops and maybe other risks that only one stop. The car handles better than last week at the Circuit de Catalunya: the balance is correct and super-soft tires work well."
Felipe Massa :
"A mixture of satisfaction and regret after me on these qualifications. With the team we were able to improve the behavior of the car compared to free practice, reducing oversteer, but an error at me Rascasse in Q3 cost one or two places. A disappointment because I was on a good lap. Starting from sixth place is not brilliant but here in Monaco, you need to use your head during the race so we will concentrate throughout the Grand Prix because anything can happen .
The start is very important, but remain calm and unruffled will be just as, lap after lap, because the slightest mistake can cost you. The tire degradation is less important than what we had originally planned, so I do not there will be plenty of stops. I hope that Sergio is going well: it was a scary accident and the impact wasreally violent. This part of the circuit is very difficult and accidents are very common here."

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