Saturday, May 14, 2011

La gazzetta de Ferrari

* Ferrari will bring new parts in Barcelona which will be tested in the coming days by Jules Bianchi during a test flying straight at Vairano.
* The changes will be complete and totally new car for the GP of Canada even if other changes will be made anyway in the following GP. Moreover Stefano Domenicali said that Ferrari should start winning from Canada even if it expects that Ferrari should be on the podium with improving its performance (with respect to Turkey) in Barcelona and Monaco.
* The newspaper Marca reports that Ferrari is leading two projects simultaneously:
- first a team is continuing to improve the 150 Italia particular dish at the bottom of the diffuser, exhausts and engine mapping.
- And another team is to begin development of the car in 2012 which will be much more aggressive especially at the chassis, the gearbox , the suspension and the cooling system .

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