Monday, May 9, 2011

Turkish GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"I am delighted with this result, which is the result of three weeks of hard work from the team in Maranello and at the circuit this weekend. We had not started the Grand Prix of good foot, having had quite a few problems Friday, but then we have grown and today it was great to be back to fight for top positions. We were already so close to the podium in Malaysia and China and today we managed to take the step, but only the first step: we must continue in that direction. Given the shape that we had early in the season is an excellent result. The next three or four races will be crucial. Had I not been stuck behind Rosberg so long, maybe I could put Vettel in trouble, forcing him to attack more. In the end, Webber passed me because he benefited from a new set of tires when I had none left.
I know it sounds strange to have stopped at 11 laps to go, but it became difficult to keep the car on the track and there was a risk of ruining the race. There are more overtaking, but I think there is more to do with the behavior of tires rather than the adjustable rear wing. It is true that the gap is quite big in the championship, but there are still plenty of points to scrounge: there is no reason to give up."
Felipe Massa :
"Everything happened to me today and I could not get the result that was within my reach. It's a shame because the car was competitive and the pace was very good. We made the first stop at the right time but already at that point I lost the place I had just taken in Hamilton. Then, I also had problems at the third and fourth stops: we must all work together to improve this aspect of the race, which becomes very important.
I was always fighting with other drivers, meaning I was unable to get the best tires, as Fernando was able to do and he certainly had a run cleaner than mine. The thing positive this weekend, is improving the performance of the car: we had a little more downforce and also a greater top speed in a straight line.

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