Saturday, May 14, 2011

The news of the week

* Jean Todt said recently that he would propose the return of private testing (3 sessions of 2 days spread over the entire season) during a season of F1 in 2012. But it is reported that the teams would refuse this measure to not increase costs. But Jean Todt said that even if teams refused this measure for 2012, it will automatically happen in 2013.
* FIA has given a new deadline to Bahrain to organize his GP. It is set to 1 June.
* Adrian Sutil has been involved in a fight with a shareholder of Genii Capital, Eric Lux. The scene occurred in a famous nightclub in Shanghai in the evening of the China GP . Sutil, with Lewis Hamilton, was invited into the VIP area by Eric Lux but suddenly the tone would be mounted between the two men: Eric Lux blaming the two pilots to take over their ease while the box was packed there was no room.
while Sutil would have taken a glass of champagne and breaking it would be used to deliver a blow to Lux making it a notch from the ear to the carotid! Shortly after this incident Sutil took the first plane, Hamilton was evacuated by his bodyguards and Lux \u200b\u200bhad 20 stitches! But that does not stop there, since Eric Lux refused any settlement agreement with Sutil and filed a complaint against the German pilot in 6 different countries. More Lewis Hamilton testified in favor of his friend but it would seem that his version of events does not correspond at all with the recordings made by the surveillance camera! Of course all this is to take the usual precautions saw that Adrian did not comment saying that this case is more privacy. But all we can say is that it is a sad case for Sutil!

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