Monday, May 23, 2011

Barcelona GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"The best moment of the race was obviously the start. We worked hard on this area and you see the result. It was fantastic to see the reaction of people in the stands! I tried to do the maximum, maintain faster behind me for about twenty laps, but then I could not do anything .
It was stressful to constantly check my mirrors and I did my best to copy or anticipate their maneuvers. Then I had to do half of the race hard tires, so we really penalized. This made the gap bigger than it actually is. We are short of support. Here we had no flap adapted to this track. We must carefully analyze any changes that we had for this Grand Prix and understand why, in two weeks we have lost ground on Red Bull and McLaren."
Felipe Massa :
"Towards the end of the race, I could not change gear. That's why I chose to dwell on the side of the runway. It was the end of a terrible weekend. Fortunately, we start immediately with the race in Monaco, which is just a second home race for me, since I live in Monaco,
We will also fortunate not to have hard tires that we had today. They do not really work for us. When we went from soft to hard, we started to suffer more. It does There was no grip and I could hardly keep the car on the track. Thanks to the strategy, we have doubled the Mercedes and Renault Petrov, but it was useless in the end. Moreover, we do not have enough support to properly run the tires hard as we had seen on other races, but here it posed more problems."

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