Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monaco GP : Alonso & Massa Thursday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"In Monaco, it is mainly to have a good feeling driving the car over the driver feels well, he can attack more lap after lap. It seems we are a bit more competitive than the other circuits Even if we take the usual precautions do not know the amount of gasoline adversaries, However, the reason for our return to form is very simple: the aerodynamics are few and suffer less. On a circuit with the lowest average speed per lap, some weaknesses are hidden by other factors, such as mechanics and engine. I immediately felt at ease here, in the morning. I was able to attack Increasingly, because the car felt good and I trusted her.
I'm satisfied, but we know that this is just the first day that Red Bull could hide a bit, before going out for qualifying on Saturday.
After tomorrow, the day will be more stressful because the slightest error here is unforgiving. We must try to take risks because we have to close the gap on the best."
Regarding the tires, I think their performance is reasonably similar to what we saw during winter testing, although Temperatures are now much higher: compared to other races, there is not such a big difference between hard and soft, at least that's the initial feeling."
Felipe Massa :
"I am reasonably happy with the car, even if there is still a bit of understeer, especially with the super-soft. Compared to Barcelona, I think we are better equipped to fight: it is not As in previous times, when it was clear we could not get the tires. Now there were times when I was a little on the edge: so I brushed the barriers at least three times . I did a long stint with the tender in an attempt to find their limit at the level of degradation. overtaking is difficult, as usual on this track, but perhaps thanks to that KERS will be possible to pass a car that is in trouble with his tires, although it will not be easy. traffic? Here, it is impossible to avoid it ."

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