Monday, May 23, 2011

Barcelona GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"I did a perfect lap. I acknowledge that if I tried to do this 20 times, I would not do better! When you go around like this, it is difficult to put into words what you feel. Always be to limit, in each turn is a special feeling for a driver" "I'm really happy with this result because we have never been on the second line this year. Of course, the pole is far away. Today, Red Bull was again out of reach and we must work hard to try to get close to them. This morning, we made several changes in the settings of the car, but that has not produced the desired results. This is partly due to changing conditions, at wind direction."
"So we came back before qualifying and everything went better.
In general, we made a step forward in performance, thanks to the improvements we've made. Of course, we are better in the race than qualifying. So I think we will fight for a podium. This will be difficult initially because the McLarens are on the correct side of the track and they have an extra set of tires from us."
Felipe Massa :
"It certainly was not the performance we expect of these qualifications, but throughout the weekend we've struggled with the balance of the car we would have to be perfect so we soar a little more the front of the grid but it was not the case. Hopefully, with a full tank the car run better and then we will see if we can get good results.
On a circuit like this, it will not be easy to manage tires in the best possible way, nor find the best possible strategy. In Q2, we decided to stay in the garage during the first part of sitting, running the risk of being eliminated because it would not have meant much to spend in Q3 and after ending up with no new tire and the result showed that we were right, although we were hoping to take greater advantage of this opportunity. Overruns? We will certainly see more than in the past on a circuit like this and it will be mainly due to tire degradation."

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