Friday, October 14, 2011

Japan GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso(4th , 2nd) :
"This year you have found that all the teams have ups and downs, with the exception of Red Bull, so we should not be too surprised by the performance today, but it seems that our performance is better than those of Singapore. But only on Friday, we had ever had a good Friday and to be fifth in qualifying. In fact I think things are not so different from the situation of including two weeks ago because the cars have not changed. We hope to be able to fight with McLaren and Red Bull but we know that it will not be easy. What we can say is that the sense of today is a bit more encouraging with respect to previous races, but we must keep in mind that the races are more open than in the past, so the final result differs from the grid.
Strategy, tire degradation, the drs are factors that create uncertainty and improve the performance. For example here, I think we'll have a lot of overtaking, more than in past years."
Felipe Massa(7th , 5th) :
"Overall it was a good day compared to other Fridays of the season, first impressions are good and the car feels pretty good, but it is true that we do not know where we stand against our rivals. We have a lot of work for the afternoon qualifying tomorrow, we must learn some important things for the rest of the weekend. In addition, the tire degradation seems important, what will make the race more open strategies and it will have the right and a car in place that should be easy to fly. I think we can fight for the podium, which is our goal and of course I always want to be able to fight for victory, but it's true that Red Bull have a significant advantage, but we must continue to believe in our chances, because in this kind of race anything can happen."

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