Friday, October 7, 2011

Singapore GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso (4th) : "Unfortunately, we were not able to finish on the podium today, for the simple reason that we were not fast enough. Even if we were the third times in the race, we knew that sooner or Later, we would pass. Today, we were third in the performance of teams, Red Bull was above everything, and followed ... McLaren early in the race, super-soft tires wear out very quickly, so that the tender had a good ride and was quite successful. We fought from beginning to end and I must admit that I am happy with the work the team did because it tries to give us, Felipe [Massa] and myself, a car worthy of the name. At present, driver win the title is no longer possible for us, so our focus now to win instead of vice-champion. "
Felipe Massa(9th) :
"Hide my disappointment and my anger would serve no purpose. The car was not exceptional, but I could definitely finish in the first 6 if Lewis [Hamilton] was a little more thought before acting. In the end race, I went to see him for clarification, but denied he did not even answer me, and left. We crossed into the interview room, I just told him what I thought. The safety car, in addition to everything I had endured so far, did not help the smooth running of my race. I shod a new set of soft tires five laps before the safety car is deployed . With a few turns past behind, my tires were abnormally degraded, and had to return to make new ones. I lost time behind Rubens [Barrichello], and then I had to slow down to let Sebastian [Vettel], which took me a turn. I hope to have a race without any problems in the future, because it is the race incidents such as those I met today that prevents me from completing better placed at the races. "

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