Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Paddock podium of the Japanese GP

The 3 in:
* Jenson Button:
the British driver has won everything in this race since has been able to increase his lead over Fernando Alonso to gain second place in the drivers championship. He proved once again that he could win without rain and he is the driver to follow at this end of the season.
* Fernando Alonso : Fernando did a great GP from the sixth on the grid to second with having retaining Vettel during the latter part of the race while driving a Ferrari much less competitive. The Spaniard was thought through to victory as he was close to Button at the end of the race but eventually he finished second with a very good strategy that will surely motivate the Scuderia for the final races remaining.
* Sebastian Vettel:
Who would have thought that the young German would win his second world title with a third place? it's true he needed only one point but ultimately Vettel has been able to manage its race without taking unnecessary risks on a track which have not smiled for Red Bull. Seb becomes the youngest double world champion after a season without fail for him!
The 3 out:
* Lewis Hamilton :
but where is(the real)Lewis ? you can really ask all nonsense errors the McLaren driver has done ! Again Massa has paid the price, which will not settle their disagreement! It is high time that Lewis took the upper hand if he does not want to end up far from his teammate who is at the top for the moment!
* Felipe Massa:
Felipe certainly had his race ruined in part by the collision with Lewis but it is not everything! Admittedly Felipe sorely lacking pace especially when you see that his teammate, Alonso managed to finish second behind the wheel of the same machine !
* Mark Webber:
we can not say that Mark has made a bad GP but it is clear that he could do better! but once again he had a bad start coupled with a strategy that was not up to par. And to add he has been unable to attack Vettel at the end of the race because of team orders.

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