Friday, October 14, 2011

Japan GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso(5th) :
"I'm not surprised at this result the Red Bull and McLaren were quicker than us, as was already the case yesterday. At least we managed to get ahead of Webber and confirm that it seems that this season I am subscriber places to fifth on the grid. Tomorrow I expect that the degradation of tires are one of the major characteristics of the race, with the possibility of multiple stops. This means that the strategy will be. We hope that we will not have the same problems in Singapore. We will try to make the best choices to fight for the podium, which is a realistic goal. The victory certainly less, as we saw in qualifying, McLaren seems close to Red Bull, the start will be important. Massa and I will try to put pressure on them and try to win tickets, we will try to have our say.
My first run in Q3? I pushed up, but after looking at the analysis of lap times, I do not think I could have done much better than my second run."
Felipe Massa(4th) :
"It was a difficult qualifying session, but at least we managed to keep one of the top four cars behind us. It's never easy to make a perfect lap here and my last lap was good, even if I lost time in the last sector. Tomorrow it will be important to a good start, I Hamilton with me and it does not change much for me, whether he or someone else. The race promises to be complicated, with lots of pit stops to change tires that show a sharp decline, so the strategy will have a key role here. It will be important to find the right pace to be fast without too much damage the tires. Exceed will not be easy despite the KERS and the DRS but maybe that will help tire following strategies. Our goal is the podium, we are not far away, the goal is achievable."

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