Monday, October 17, 2011

Korea GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso(5th) :
"This race was very tight. In qualifying, the Red Bull and McLaren are clearly the most successful teams. But on Sunday, we move considerably the pace of the lead. During my first stint I difficulty maintaining the pace of the best, because after a few rounds, super-soft tires caused understeer on my car. On top of that, my tires were deteriorating faster than normal because I was right in traffic. When I floor the hard tires (yellow ones), conditions have improved and I had a very clear track, which allowed me to attack my own way, but to join the group that fought for the podium was quite difficult. A few laps, I had returned to about 1s Jenson [Button], but I gave up any attack, because I knew it would be impossible to overtake. Our goal is clear , to improve our qualifying pace.
We will not abandon our desire to win a race by the end of the season. I also want to say that we will continue to work for the car in 2012, to test pieces etc ... even sacrificing race strategy."
Felipe Massa(6th) :
"I'm not happy because of glitches prevented me from achieving a better result, despite the fact that I made a good start and I managed to win seats in the first round. Then when you stop, I found myself behind Nico [Rosberg] and Jenson [Button] because I went to the pits along with Michael [Schumacher], and the team had no right to release me before it is passed by my window. I lost a place because that. In the first part of the race, I was super-soft tires and I had a little trouble keeping pace with drivers who were before me, but with the tender, we have managed to maintain a very fast pace. At the second stop, I found myself behind a Toro Rosso and Force India who fought them, I lost time, which allowed Fernando [Alonso] to pass me. Today, our performance was better than the qualifications, which is a factor regular this year.
Now we are going in the direction of India, a new race. I do not know this country and I'm curious to find out"

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