Friday, October 14, 2011

Korea GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso(no time , 4th) :
"It was a difficult Friday with the changing weather conditions making it impossible for further analysis of the weekend. When we consider that it should not rain tomorrow and Sunday, then it is clear that this day will not means nothing. The goal is always to do the best we can, to understand the behavior of the car here but also to test the parts, like the new front wing. It is really impossible to draw any conclusion, McLaren seemed to comfortable with. We need more laps to see our performance because it is necessary that the tires heat up, because once it is hot grip is better. We'll have to improvise a little, for qualifying and the race . The entrance to the pit exit is much improved with respect to last year, this is not the case for the exit."
Felipe Massa(no time , 7th) :
"It was a complicated day and the track had no grip and tire degradation intermediates seemed more important than usual. There is no other way to explain our time, we Little did. Obviously, it is difficult to prepare as best as possible for qualifying and the race, but it's the same for everyone. The pit exit is dangerous because you can not see other cars and the collision between Rosberg and Alguersuari is an example and so I think that efforts should be done to improve. This is my 150th F1 race and it's nice, I remember times when I won including the worst moment of my career: Brazil 2008. My worst memories? races like Hungary and Singapore, during which the victory narrowly escaped me."

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