Friday, October 14, 2011

Japan GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso(2nd) :
"I want to extend my congratulations to Sebastian Vettel, who won his second world title today in a season that has dominated, either in qualifying or the race was perfect and amazing, the title is deserved. For our hand, we can not do more than that, we gave ourselves up to try to make a perfect race, we must now give our best to beat him next year. We were close to victory, we knew that in qualifying we would be behind McLaren and Red Bull, but in the race when there are tire damage variables, then we can exploit opportunities like this. The others were very strong, especially during the five or first six laps, then performance fell. This podium is an inspiration for the last four races of the season.
It was a fun race to which the strategy was important and unlike the last few races, we had a rthme to fight for victory and we will try to do the same in Korea. We will try to win or at least be on the podium ..."
Felipe Massa() :
"I have a bitter taste after this race because our pace was good enough to finish on the podium, Alonso has shown but I finished seventh. It's too bad for my contact with Hamilton, it was slightly damaged my car I saw him at the end of the race, but this has not greatly affected the car. I think the video speaks for itself, he was in trouble with his tires and I was with him when he came up against me for no reason, I let you be the judge of the images but it is useless for me to say more about it. I want to congratulate Vettel for his role, he is great and deserves the title, I am very happy for him."

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